Friday, June 25, 2010

Create An Asset of Value

I believe that Consistency in your “Asset of Value” is key. Knowing that you can be counted on to be/provide that value on a regular basis allows others to build trust in you and what you bring to the table.

When I was a young single mother, with three children and open to a new mate in life, I recall taking inventory of myself and what I felt I had to offer in a relationship. I came to the conclusion that what I had to offer was ME and that my uniqueness and authenticity was special and something that could not be duplicated and money couldn’t buy. That sense of having something of value to offer made me set my standards in a new mate high. I was not willing to “settle” for less than I felt my children and I deserved. They were, after all, counting on me to make a good choice about who I allowed into our lives. That made me analyze what qualities I was looking for in a mate that I could grow old with. I did a lot of soul searching and came up with a grocery list of what qualities I needed that person to have. These were not shallow expectations but “real” ones such as trustworthiness, stablility, intellectual compatability, communication, integrity and several more including chemistry! After dating several wonderful people that had expressed interest in being part of my little family, but not feeling that level of connection, I recall praying, “God you know me and you know what I need in my life, but not only do I want you to give me what I need, I want to be what that person needs in their life as well.” The very next person that I dated was my husband of 16 years. He is someone that I love, trust and admire very much and I thank God for answering my prayer and sending him to me He has been a wonderful husband and a loving father to, our now, six children.

None of this would have come to be had I not believed in my “Asset of Value.”


June 25th, 2010 by Bob Burg
Sometime back I had the honor of sharing the platform with success coach and bestselling author, Mike Litman.

During his presentation, he suggested creating an “asset of value.” This is a part of you that you “bring to the table,” a way you can always add to the relationship.

What a great idea! And, an “asset of value” can include so many things. Among them are information, advice, referrals, introductions, names of great books you’ve read, retweets of quality on Twitter, a kind word, articles of interest, and much, much more, including your “way of being”…those things you do that are uniquely associated with you and that provide value just by virtue of being an extension of your personal values.

Come up with your unique “Asset of Value” and share it on an ongoing basis with those with whom you wish to establish mutually beneficial, give and take, win/win relationships.

You’ll become known for your “signature” asset of value and position yourself as a true center of influence; the type people seek out to do business with and refer business to.

So, the natural question is…what is your signature asset of value? And, if you aren’t able to fully articulate yours yet, feel free to share some examples of “assets of value” of others that have impressed you that you feel it would be good for us to know about.


  1. Hi Tele,

    What an amazing post you wrote. You taught so many lessons at so many levels; you have blessed everyone who reads it and most likely those many generations from now whose parents will have read it and made a much wiser decision for having done so. And, thank you for posting my blog post; not necessary to have done but certainly very appreciated!

    Best Regards,


  2. Thank you for being the catalyst for that post Bob. Your inspiration, encouragement & friendship mean so much to me.

    It was priceless to see the expression on my 10 year old daughter's face when she read this post :) She asked, with wonder in her voice, "Did you really pray to find Daddy?"

    I told her, "Yes, and when Daddy and I were dating he made a silent wish upon a star when we were on a road trip . . . "Star Light, Star Bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish, I wish tonight." He didn't have to tell me what his wish was, but I have a feeling it came true :)

    "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires, will come to you . . . " ~Pinnochio

  3. Tele, what a fabulous blog post - how many of us, especially in our younger years, could benefit by truly analyzing AND praying for the right person to blend into our lives, and the lives of those we love. What a lovely gift you and Bob have shared - thank you!

  4. Thank You, KC, I am so happy to have your thoughts on my post :)

    I feel that same care should be taken with where we focus our attention and who we choose to spend our most precious gift of time with. You spend so much of your time giving to others and bringing people together and I admire what you do.

    “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves”
    ~Edna Buchanan

  5. And I believe I can speak for your husband's family (since I'm one of them) when I say, "We are all very happy with the choice your hubby made in a wife." I cannot think of a kinder, sweeter, more perfect mate for him!