Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Blurred Lines on the Road Less Travelled

Driving in the recent snow, at night, the usual road marks that help us “stay between the lines” were obscured and it wasn’t clear exactly where I should be driving. It required trusting my instincts and forging new paths in the snow. Approaching stops with extra caution so I could stop without sliding, having enough momentum in order to have traction going up the icy hill without losing control. Even the most familiar areas, that I travel daily, had taken on an unfamiliar look and feel, transformed under a blanket of snow. I was struck with how much it reminds me of the blurred lines that occur in life at times, where you have to take a leap of faith into the unknown, while still exercising good judgment, in order to blaze new trails. I communicated to my children some of the precautions I was taking as we went so that they could learn from the experience while at the same time I had to exude a semblance of confidence that we would arrive at our destination safely even though we might be taking the road less travelled. :)