Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let the Child Within Your Heart "Rise Above"

I just read "Let's Get Naked" a post by Renee Ludwigs, aka @reneeludwigs on Twitter. She tells us, "Be true & authentic to the real you. Uncover your own naked truth."

Reading Renee's post on her blog, An Island Perspective, I was inspired to write about a wonderful memory from my childhood:

My favorite childhood "authentic self" moment was in Arizona where I grew up. I was watering a tree that we had in our front yard as I stood watching the most glorious sunset in the horizon over the mountains. I was filled with pure joy and inspiration that I let out by singing "America/My Country Tis of Thee" with abandon, at the top of my lungs! I remember feeling so "connected" carefree and just plain happy :)

I think it's important not to lose touch with that part of ourselves that was full of awe, wonder and believed that anything was possible!

Thank you Renee, for jogging my memory and guiding me back to that part of myself!